My Calico Cats

Trinity & Tiagra

Calico Cats

I love Calico cats I think their color is awesome! Calico cats have three distinct colors Black, White and Orange and are 99% of the time females. They are not a breed it has something to do with the XY chromosomes not sure what though. If I ever found a male Calico I would become a Cat pimp, yes I would stud that bad boy out for a fee. These are not my first Calicos I had one before Marilyn for 13 years before having to put her down. I will probably always have these type cats.

The image to the right is of my beloved cat Marilyn aka A Dog

She doesn’t mind getting dirty

Triniti is completely opposite of Tiagra, she doesn’t mind getting dirty and I can’t keep her inside the house. She loved being outside no matter what the weather condition is. The nice thing about my new house is that I can let her go out on the deck at night. She loved sleeping out side and with the deck she can be outside and I don’t have to worry about where she is. View gallery


Is the youngest of the of the two and the one that is always under me. She would rather be inside on my desk than to be outside enjoying the fresh air. I think the reason they do not get along is because of her she’s kind of a bitch to her sister. Tiagra is also very jealous when I give Triniti time she will always come and get in the middle. View gallery

They’re Growing Apart

I got 2 cats so they would be company for each other but not with calicos. I remember when I said I was getting 2 someone said really 2 calicos like it would be an issue. I guess as time went on I can see the issue, their personalities don;t really mess. Maybe it’s that they are calicos are theirs just mean I don’t know but these are the last pictures of them being some what nice to each other. View gallery

A Couple Months Later

The girls have had time to settle in and 3 months have gone by and the are comfortable in their new home. They are getting bigger and even prettier and curious as ever. View gallery

The First Days

After waiting a year after I had to put Marilyn down I decided to get another cat. I decided to get 2 so they would have better social skills than Marilyn. Here are images from their first couple of days with me at their new home. View gallery