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Enjoying Life!

If you’re not able to tell I love the water and had some great times in California on the water. I spent 31 years there and some of the best times I had were on the water with a friend sailing. I was fortunate enough to sail to Catalina Island and Mexico a couple of times. I used to think that if you can’t fish on a boat why get on it, well after sailing a couple of times that opinion changed. I love sailing and probably just being on the water.You’ll see a lot of fishing images here and images of places I just thought were beautiful.

If you can’t appreciate this planet you probably won’t get it. I had a friend tell me once that if I looked at a pile of dog crap I would think that it was beautiful as well. We all see things differently, our planet and country is very beautiful and I can appreciate it. I’ve been blessed with great jobs that has taken me all around this country and it is a beautiful place. All the images on my website were taken by me even the ones that make you go “Whoaa that’s a really nice picture”.

Below are few image galleries and they are not in any order I just grabbed them and slapped them up, because I can do that on my website.

If you click and image and nothing happens it just means I have not uploaded images to that gallery yet.