Diamondhead, MS

A typical traffic jam in the city

My New City

Just so you can get an idea of where I live in Mississippi I’m about 45 minutes east of New Orleans. I decided to move back to the south after relocating my sister and spending a month here. I was suppose to be here for only 9 days but missed my flight an it turned into 30 days. I guess the south got under my skin so I decided to move back and be closer to family.

I chose the city of Diamondhead for it’s closeness to New Orleans and the fact that it was extremely clean and quite. I moved into this house on February 2, 2015 and have really enjoyed it so far. I’m still adapting to the area, humidity and the lost of Carne Asada burritos. The good thing is the seafood and New Orleans flavor make up for those things I got used to in Southern California. Since this is the country I will be living New Orleans during the week for work and returning here on the weekend.

I’ll add more pictures of areas like the parks, marina, events and even the bayou if I can get over there.

Crape Myrtles

After settling in I walked my property and decided I was going to move this tree. I talked to my neighbor and she said it was a Crape Mrytle and it’s a beautiful tree and to reconsider removing it. Since I did not know anything about the plants here I decided to wait one year before making any changes to the landscape. As the season changed and flowers started to bloom the Crape Myrtles started to come alive and they are as beautiful as she said. The one I have is just starting to flower and I could not be any happier that I listened to her. This gallery is of the various Crape Myrtles in the community.

Maluhia Gardens

This is a garden that is sponsored by some of the residents here is Diamondhead. After walking around the garden I found out the name of trees and plants native to the area. I really like the gazebo and small bridges that cross the ditches. There is also some dedication for the military which is kinda cool. I believe this garden is probably great to visit as the temperature cools down like around the fall.