From happy end users and cleints

Below are some recognition from satisfied end users and clients I worked with over the past few years. I’ve changed the name of the person along with their title to be in compliance with those corporations policies. If requested I can provide letter of recommendations if necessary.


I would like to report an incident with CSC that requires very positive recognition. I had two experiences where I needed assistance over the weekend and again on Monday night when I was on travel in California.

As coincidence would have it I contacted the same technician both times. And in both incidents he went out of his way to help me get the situation under control and to ensure that I was able to continue my business trip and be productive. The special thing about this person was his commitment to solve the problem, his ability to make the experience as enjoyable as possible (even though it is a high stress situation), his technical abilities, his thought process (problem solving) and his ability to diffuse the tension. He is the person I want on the other side of the phone when I have a problem. I knew from the beginning that he was going to stay with me until the problem was solved to my satisfaction. And this was extremely reassuring.

If he had not been able to help me I would have been in a bad situation ’ and very unproductive. I may have even had to cut my trip short.

I would like you to ensure that he receives the recognition he deserves and I would like to ensure that his management realizes his abilities. And that they hear it directly from one of their customers.
His name is Glen Winfield.
Please pass this on to the appropriate people at CSC.



Director, BAE Systems

Subject: Kudos

Hi Steve — Just wanted to pass along a report of excellent service from the Western Support Help Desk. I am an average computer user, and yesterday at about 5:30 I tried to log in from home with a laptop to access my e-mail using my cable internet service. It was my first time trying it. I ran in to some problems and called the help desk. I spoke with Glen (didn’t get his last name, but someone can figure it out based on the date and time). He was just great. He worked with me for almost half an hour and got me up and running. He was very competent — but more important, he was friendly and didn’t make me feel like a fool. Please pass along my thanks to him and make sure his supervisor sees this as well.


Specialist, BAE Systems


I want to write a few words of commendation about Glen A. Winfield.
He was super competent and very courteous on Sunday October 5. He stayed with me to fix my work laptop computer ( that I took home) so I could connect to the network and specifically the S: drive.
He then helped me with my home computer, so that I could log into work at Solar Turbines, that way I do not have to carry my work laptop computer when I want to work from home.
He did check my identity out thoroughly, including asking me for my mother’s maiden name when he already had my badge Number.
He showed mastery of his craft and I think he is a credit to your group and Solar Turbines.
Thank You Glen, I had to prepare a presentation using some material on the S: Drive and you made it possible for me.


Combustion Engineer, Solar Turbines

I wanted to say a few good words about the job Glen Winfield did getting me going the other day. On Sunday morning I called from my home having trouble getting my computer VPN to work. He went through the most sophisticated  assignment of administration /authentication, and Msoft navigation I’ve ever seen, The guy knows his stuff!
Pls get word to his managment string that he helped me greatly even though he had to spend considerable time on my problem. He’s a good guy guy to have on the other end when you’re fighting Windows.


Product Management, Solar Turbines

References are available upon request

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