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About Me

glen at 2 glenwinfield.com

About 2 years old

I don’t photograph well or talk about me much I’ll do the best I can to let you know who I am. I was born at the famous Charity Hospital and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I lived my entire life in the 7th Ward while growing up in New Orleans. I went to Valena C. Jones  then Stuart R. Bradley for elementary school. I attended Charles J. Colton for junior high then John F. Kennedy Senior High. I only attended Kennedy for 2 years I was screwing up so bad I needed to change schools. I graduated from Joseph S. Clark Senior High school in 1982.

glen at 8

About 8 years old

During my early years I was a good baby I was told and my Uncle Donald told my mother that I would be a handful. Well Uncle Donald was right on point with that, he was a very smart man anyway.  As I got older I became a terror to other kids and myself by being rough and just a bad ass lil boy. My parents had health insurance on all of us but only ever used it on me. I’ve had broken bones and more stitches I can count but hey it’s part of growing up as a boy I always said.

After graduating from high school I went into the US Air Force. I was stationed at Norton AFB in San Bernardino California from 1983 – 1987. While in the military I worked as a Telephone Cable Splicer(36151) with the 1835th EIS(Electronic Installation Squadron). This particular squadron was great because all we did was travel throughout southwest United States and Alaska. I got out with an Honorable Discharge and the rank of Senior Airman E-4.

glen early 20ties norton afb

Early 20ties at Norton AFB

After departing the military I worked for GTE for a couple months then decided to go back to school. I attended Southwest College in San Marcos, California and completed a Computer Lab Technician course. This was in 1987 and the fastest computer then was the Radio Shack Tandy 1000 with an 8088 Microprocessor and MS DOS(Direct Operating System) 3.0.

My military background opened every door I needed to begin a technical career. I have worked for some great multi million and billion dollar companies all from being ex Air Force. I have traveled more with companies for business than I did in the Air Force. I’ve had the opportunity to work on technologies before being released to the general public. The navigation systems in cars today was one of those technologies. I worked on the EMV 400 voice and GPS navigation system in the Lexus LS model in 1997 before being released to the public.

Over the past 27 years I’ve worked with and on microprocessor based equipment. The last 17 years I’ve been working in the Information Technology sector from LAN Administrator to high level Help Desk Support. My resume.

Around 48 years old

Around 48 years old

I talk more about my work than my personal life because it ain’t ya business, okay I’ll give just a little. I am single and have never been married but I do have a couple of Calico cats. I have no children and at this point I will most likely never have any. My only regret to that is when I die there is no more of me, no conversations about me, no one to say nice things about me. Now if I were as rich as Bill Gates that would be a different story. All my nieces and nephews would be talking about their rich Uncle Glen who left them a ton of money. I guess it was not in the cards for me to live on through another life.


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